Wednesday, July 20

Cyan is 18 months. I can't believe how time flys. We have been busy this summer enjoying the outdoors as much as possible. Cyan and I went to Canada but I don't have any photos yet. The whole family went to zion for Memorial Weekend and it was Keiths birthday. We hike the Emerald Pools and the hike after the tunnel. We hit up Tropic Res with the Jones family and hiked in Bryce. We also went to Wyoming for my family reunion. Cy has molars up top and below coming in. She is handling it well. She hasn't added many words but is making lots of new sounds. She even signs to us a little. The last photo is one of my mom and I.

Friday, June 3


Feb, March Photos

Cyan Turns ONE


My mom and I. Ithink I am 3 here.

Saturday, January 1

Christmas and New Year favorite Photo

Cyan 11 months Dec 8th, 2010

We are ready for Christmas!!!! We can't wait for are family to come and get to spend Cyan's 1st Christmas with us. She has been so much fun with her adorable personality. She is almost running now and I am starting to understand her little noises.

Wednesday, December 1

Cyan meets Santa!

Cyan got to meet Santa twice all ready this year! I think that means she gets two gifts from him and Miss Clause. She loved both Jubilee of Trees and Dickens Festival. She did so good, but once we sat to have a bite to eat she wanted out of her stroller to walk around herself. Santa was a lot happier at the Dickens Festival he even dressed up for some pictures. He seemed not to much in the spirit of Christmas at the Jubilee of Trees. Cyan had dressed up for him and everything, but I guess sometimes we all have bad days.

My Aunt Linda is a big fan of Elmo so we had to make sure and get a photo of the Elmo tree. It was pretty neat.

Sunday, November 21

Cyan 10 months

Cyan is walking! She loves to hide toys under anything she can put them. She likes to take the dogs ball, and throw it up in the air. She has found her tongue, and makes a smacking/sucking sound with it. She will go up to Jazzabell, and open her mouth for kisses. She uses her pointer finger to touch, and test out everything before she feels okay to grab it. She won't hold her bottle, but will hold a sippy cup. She does not like being strapped into anything for long. She is just way to hyper, and want's to be moving all the time.

Saturday, October 30

Happy Halloween 2010

Cyan is a Tooth Fairy for her 1st Halloween. She has taken 4 steps all on her own. She is happy to crawl though and is getting super fast. She is also opening cabinets so we are getting ready to child proof them. What a pain that is going to be.